Day 1: Cut Me Loose

Welcome to the Who’s Gonna Save Us Now EP Experience

This is where it all began for Crystal Cities. Geoff had an idea for a song that sounded very different from anything else we had ever done…

We jammed on it at rehearsal and everything just clicked right away – thats when you know youre onto something good. All of the main parts that you hear on the recording are the parts we played at that first rehearsal. 

This is when we turned over a new leaf and started writing as Crystal Cities.

– JK
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Track Credits
Released January 10, 2016
Recorded at Hercules Studios
Engineered by Daniel Vandenberg
Produced by Daniel Vandenberg and Crystal Cities
Mixed by Daniel Vandenberg
Mastered by Paul Stefanidis at Viking Lounge Mastering 

You may be wondering exactly what you’ve signed up for. The video player above contains the first episode of the Who’s Gonna Save Us Now Vodcast. In it, we answer most of the questions asked by fans regarding the Experience. It should help you understand what’s going on. 

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"Cut Me Loose"

"Cut Me Loose"


Recording "Cut Me Loose" (Behind The Scenes)